N&W CHeese bar


At Nights & Weekends we have always promised to stay true to our pop-up nature by offering new experiences and abandoning any permanence. Cheese Bar is a two weekend long delve into a menu focused around a single ingredient. Expect to find a short menu of a la carte plates ranging from small bites to mains, an assortment of cheeses available by the gram, and set menu designed for two or more guests with optional drink pairings. Reservations are now open for the following dates:


Thursday March 28 - 5pm to 12am
Friday March 29 - 5pm to 12am
Saturday March 30 - 5pm to 12am
Sunday March 31 - 5pm to 11pm

Thursday April 4 - 5pm to 12am
Friday April 5 - 5pm to 12am
Saturday April 6 - 5pm to 12am
Sunday April 7 - 5pm to 11pm

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